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5 Simple Steps

5 Simple Steps to Self Care After a Loss


There is no rhyme or reason to grief. It can take on so many factors; some all at once, or maybe just one or two at a time.

When you're suffering such a devastating loss, it can be easy to forget about caring for yourself in your grief.

This little interactive booklet can help!

You will never "get over" your loss. You will always grieve for your loved one.

Just remember; YOU are important too!

YOU matter to those who are still here!

And YOU deserve to love and care for yourself in your grief.

Just 5 simple steps can help you care for yourself during this time.

Please, for the sake of yourself and those who love you, take some time and care for yourself.

If you need help with your self care, please schedule a complimentary session with me at www.AnnaHayes.Life/Coaching


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Yes, Add Life by Design

Redefining your life after a loss can be grievious in itself. Having a blue print to redefine your life is a much easier way to move through it.

You'll never get over your loss, but you can still live a life worthy of your memories.

Your life has changed drastically! Put those changes to good use and live an exemplary life!

Similar programs go for over $2,000! But they're complicated and take up so much time.

I believe the easier I make this for you, the better you'll be able to focus and put it to use.

There's always so much on our minds in our grief, the last thing we need is mountains of "homework"!

The little bit of "self work" you'll have to do for this will be extremely rewarding for you and the rest of your loved ones.

You'll receive:

The Life by Design Blueprint valued at $300

Video series to help you through your journey valued at $500

Access to our Facebook group valued at $100

Complimentary Discovery Session with me valued at $500

Total Value = $1,400

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